WordPress Continues To Break Things In The Name Of Security

In what has become a nearly annual tradition, WordPress has released yet another update that broke thousands of plugins across the Internet.    As usual, they claim this is in the best interest of security.  Thus the breaking… Read More

Install A Name.com SSL Cert On Amazon Linux

Get Your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) From Amazon Linux:

Buy Your Certificate From Name.com purchase a cert for either a wildcard or single-host fully-qualified domain name.  It must match the domain identifier . used when creating your… Read More

Firefox / Edge Media Vulnerability

The short version: Make sure your Firefox and Edge browsers are on the latest release. Sites can gather sensitive data if a prior site served up video or audio files. Full article: thehackernews.com/2018/06/browser-cross-origin-vulnerability.html

The FBI Says Two State Elections #Databases Have Already Been Hacked (#SQLInjection #security)

This is why you should hire QUALITY developers not “cost saving” developers. SQL Injection attacks are rookie hacker methods. It is one of the most basic forms of hacking. There is ZERO excuse for this from ANY tech… Read More

Bitbucket Permission Denied / Conq

Hopefully this article will save at least one other person an hour of their life trying to figure out why they cannot clone a Bitbucket repository when using SSH. My projects are broken into several teams, each with… Read More

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