Pitch U : Designing Your Pitch

10 Key Pitch Elements

After having discovered Guy Kawasaki’s presentation on the “10 Pitch Elements”, I have followed his lead closely.   It encompasses nearly every iteration of “what investors look for in a presentation” boiled down to 10 basic essential elements.

10 Pitch Deck Slides

The Pitch Deck Slides from Guy Kawasaki

Slide 1 : Title

Your company name.

Your name.

How do they get in touch with you? (email, cell, address)

Slide 2 : Problem / Opportunity

Describe the pain that you are alleviating or the pleasure you are providing.

Slide 3 : Value Proposition

What is the value of solving alleviating pain or providing pleasure?

Slide 4 : Underlying Magic

What is the “secret sauce” or magic in the product.

Be visual.   Diagrams and great graphics help.

Have a prototype?  Mention that or SHOW IT OFF.

Slide 5 : Business Model

Who has your money in their pocket?  How do you transfer that money into your pocket?

Slide 6 : Go-To-Market Plan

How do you reach the customer base without “breaking the bank”?

Slide 7 : Competitive Analysis

Provide a complete view of the competitive landscape.

More is better.

There are ALWAYS competitors.

Slide 8 : Management Team

How are the key members of your management team?

A solid company has more than ONE person driving it forward.

Board of directors? Advisors? Prior investors?

Slide 9 : Financial Projections and Key Metrics

Do a THREE YEAR forecast including financials and key metrics.

Key metrics can be number of customers, conversion rates, or other key statistics  you use to gauge the success of the business.

Use a BOTTOM UP forecasting method which is based on your projected monthly income/expenses combined with growth rates NOT based on how big your slice of the “market pie” might be and then drilling down from there.

Slide 10 : Current Status, Timeline , Use Of Funds

Where are you NOW with your product?   Hint: you will do better if it is more than just an idea.   Have a documented architecture?  OK.   Started building some of the product or service even if it is just starting pieces?  Better.   Have a working prototype even if it is not 100% done? Great!   Have a product/service on the market?  NOW YOU’RE TALKING.

What is your near term forecast?  Expansion plan?  Expected trends?     WHEN?  3 Months?  A year out?

What is the money you are asking for going to be used for.

Slide 11 : Ask For The Money

I said TEN slides, right?    I add one.   You NEED TO ASK FOR THE MONEY.   Let the investors know how much you need and what you are willing to trade for it.  Equity?  Debt instruments?   Let the know.

Guy only included 10 slides but this is alluded to along the way.  I think it should be explicit and in the presentation.

Pitch U Presentation

The presentation for Pitch U.

Pitch U Designing Your Pitch (PDF)

Pitch U Designing Your Pitch (PPTX)

Example Pitch

Store Locator Plus SaaS

The Store Locator Plus SaaS pitch was presented at “What’s The Big Idea” in April 2015.   Several funding offers were received after the pitch event.

SLP SaaS April 2015 Pitch Deck (PDF)

SLP SaaS April 2015 Pitch Deck (PPTX)

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