WordPress 4.8.2 Data Query Woes

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Millions of websites across the Internet were automatically updated to WordPress 4.8.2 yesterday.    Thousands of those sites have key components that are no longer working.   Many of those sites will be looking for new plugins and themes unless new patches are made to make those themes and plugins… Read more »

Building Selenium IDE TNG On MacOS

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Download MacPorts from  https://www.macports.org/install.php If you had a terminal session open, close it and start a new one to reload the environment path. Check the port command is available.

/opt/local/bin/port Install yarn.

Check yarn is running.

1.0.2 Login to your GitHub account and fork the selenium-ide repo… Read more »

What (Not) To Do If Your Phone Got Wet

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From USA Today – https://apple.news/AB301Z-2KScauDPud4WogmQ First things first. Do NOT turn on the phone to check it. Water plus electricity inside the case will try the phone at the speed of light, or electricity actually which is pretty darn clos to instantaneous. A common practice these days is to stick… Read more »

Why You Can’t Buy A Tesla In South Carolina

The bottom line: The Car Dealer Lobbyists That’s what it all boils down to.   The states with the biggest car dealership and oil company presence have paid… I mean “talked to the”… legislators in their state to make sure that pesky little electric car company does not cut into… Read more »

Wind and solar power are saving Americans an astounding amount of money

From Vox via Apple News: Wind and solar power are subsidized by just about every major country in the world, either directly or indirectly through tax breaks, mandates, and regulations. The main rationale for these subsidies is that wind and solar produce, to use the economic term of art, “positive… Read more »

PHP Autoload and Singleton(ish) Model

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Once every couple of years I take a month off from hacking away at the Store Locator Plus products and delve into some personal projects.  It is a way to learn some new things and try out new techniques without breaking the locator product.   With the locator being my… Read more »

Gas Powered Lawn Care Pollution

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Years ago I pulled into the local gas station and saw a pickup pulling a big solar-powered trailer behind it.    As a eco-geek I was interested.  I have been following the solar industry for years and despite not being able to justify a solar roof for my home I… Read more »

Selenium IDE Rollups With StoredVars Logic

Adding Columns To WordPress Screen Options

Adding the Screen Options drop down to a custom WordPress admin page takes some trickery which was described in the prior Screen Options blog post.  Using the “magic sauce” of the per_page option and adding it to the class that renders your admin page and handles page interaction is an… Read more »

Adding Screen Options To WordPress Admin Pages

Many of the built-in WordPress admin pages have a Screen Options drop-down tab on the top right of the page.   This is used to set how many items are shown in the default WordPress tables, such as the list of pages or posts.   Some of the WordPress admin… Read more »