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#Apple #Music doesn’t want to buy #Tidal #streaming

Not surprising. Apple already has the user base. Doesn’t help make a solid business argument when you’re losing nearly $100M per year with no profitability in sight.

The current streaming business model does not work!

Apple Music doesn’t want to buy Tidal

The death of #localhost and the rise of #cloud #development (#coding #digitalnomads)

The biggest problem with could-centric development is the 100% loss of productivity when the network is down. While not an issue for most corporate lemmings pulling their 9-5, it is a notable issue for today’s digital nomads. While corporate techies will not go away, remote workers with flexible lifestyles and the inconsistent connectivity that goes with it will continue to grow. More tech workers will be connecting from outside the office. They may, or may not, have network access.

When you don’t have access to the network you cannot connect to your cloud service. You cannot work. With locally virtualized systems on the other hand, you have everything you need. As long as you have power or your battery life is good you can be productive. Next time you get back to civilization, meaning anywhere with a network connection, you push your work out to the world.

Cloud computing is the current way to do things in software but NOT for daily development. Unless you like having a reason to not do anything for an afternoon while your ISP restores the network or while you wait for the plane to get back on the ground.

The death of localhost and the rise of cloud development

Which country has the best #programmers? #coding #appdev

Most colleges and universities in America have woefully outdated compsci curriculum. They tend to base what they are teaching on the wishes of their top “contributors” which need tech talent for outdated technology.

Case in point: when I moved my first tech company to Charleston, I could not find local coders that were capable of building web apps. The local college, which boasts about its computer science department, was teaching COBOL and Fortran on AS/400 systems. Sadly, it was 2000 not 1985. Strange coincidence that a large donor to the college was related to Piggy Wiggly , a local grocery chain that – you guessed it – ran on AS/400 with COBOL and Fortran apps. Hundreds of college students were pouring out of their senior classes with skills for the past not the present. Companies like mine would spend a year trying to get recent grads up to speed on current technologies.

Why is America 28th in “coding chops”? Because we a driven more by corporate politics and greed than true scientific curiosity. When your peers are learning COBOL you think you are a 1337 hacker because you learned some JavaScript from a script kiddie app you snarfed from the internetz.


Which country has the best programmers?

#Verizon’s ‘#LTE Advanced’ #network promises 50 percent higher speed (#mobile #carriers)

Network access companies, including mobile carriers, need to focus on improving network access first. Expand both the footprint and the capacity. That is the biggest issue worldwide and remains a primary issue in America. It is one of the reasons America ranks 18th in the world NOT because the current network is too slow.

In my home town, one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in America for the past 4 years, the Verizon network ranges from horrid to OK. The network often drops connections or significantly reduces access to old-school CDMA (1/10th the speed of LTE) whenever tourists are in town – 8 months of the year. The access, tourists around or not, is non-existent or spotty-at-best all over town; in my neighborhood near the marsh, at the entrance to the public Shem Creek park, driving past the SCEG right-of-way as I drive to the entrance of my neighborhood, and several other locations around town. This is normal in a town that the infamous Verizon-Red-Is-Way-Better-Than-Sprint-Yellow Map shows fully bathed in Verizon red. In fact I am writing this from my home with one bar on 1x; far more common than LTE access around town.

The problem is that for minimal investment in adding “LTE Advanced”, whatever that made-up tech-sounding term is supposed to be, to the existing network gets Verizon a LOT more marketing bang for the buck. Fixing the network is costly. It requires physical hardware upgrades and crews to swap out equipment. It requires buying land or access rights to put up the antennas in the right places. It requires a company with a TRUE focus on serving their customers. Making up a new term that has a good marketing vibe and tweaking your existing network software however is relatively cheap for something that will get a lot of media attention. In return the customers will suffer as fewer channels are available to serve already over-crowded networks.

Marketing BS wins over true progress yet again.

Verizon’s ‘LTE Advanced’ network promises 50 percent higher speed

The FBI Says Two State Elections #Databases Have Already Been Hacked (#SQLInjection #security)

This is why you should hire QUALITY developers not “cost saving” developers. SQL Injection attacks are rookie hacker methods. It is one of the most basic forms of hacking. There is ZERO excuse for this from ANY tech company, never mind a government agency.

Don’t hire your nephew that just took his first computer class. Don’t hire your sister’s application development firm just because her design company decided they were going to “get into apps”. Hire REAL application developers that have years of real-world experience. Perform your due diligence. If you don’t know what tech questions to ask then hire someone with VERIFIED credentials to do the asking for you. If you don’t know someone ask me or contact us at

Seriously, little Bobby Tables should not crash your servers or allow foreign countries to steal your data.

Rookie level hacking. To the CIOs of Illinois and Arizona – Mr. Robot is laughing at you.

The FBI Says Two State Elections Databases Have Already Been Hacked

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