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Top Programming Languages

A good global list, but you still need to know your goal so you can choose the best tool for the job.

If you are only looking for a job then you must consider where you want to work; both geographically and type of company.

The list changed drastically based on different vectors.

Verizon Alternatives – My First Dip In The MVNO Pool

After a decade of being a Verizon customer I have grown to dislike them.   Their coverage is the best of all 4 carriers in America.  It is the ONLY provider that actually has usable service at my home.   Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T either have no coverage of so many dropped calls as to be unusable.    That made searching for Verizon Alternatives via an MVNO, third-party companies that buy “air time” from the 4 major carriers in bulk, easier.

Total Wireless

After some research I found Total Wireless to be a decent option.  After working with them I found their customer service to be superior to Verizon.  The network coverage and reliability was, from what I could tell, EXACTLY the same as Verizon.  Makes sense as they are doing nothing more than subletting the Verizon network.    Best of all I could have a “family plan” with multiple lines on one shared billing account.

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Some Linux User and SSH Tips and Tricks

User Management

SSH Login With Keys

From Your Computer

Make sure you have created a private/public key pair.  There are tons of articles online about how to use openSSH (for real operating systems) or some convoluted third-party app like Pagent or Putty to generate an SSH key.
Copy the contents of your file (you can use this public key on multiple services, BTW, they do not need to be unique per service.

On The Server

Login with your user account using an old-fashioned username/password.
Now let’s setup a way to login from your computer without typing passwords:

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Firefox / Edge Media Vulnerability

The short version:

Make sure your Firefox and Edge browsers are on the latest release.

Sites can gather sensitive data if a prior site served up video or audio files.

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Vue Datatable Example

An article about building a JavaScript JSON server and front-end Vue interface to display it.

A great simple example for those interested in building pure JS web services.

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