I have been writing code since the early 80s.   I started on a Commodore 64 by coding games in BASIC using a tape-loader and built-in sprite libraries.   I moved on to a Digital Rainbow writing business applications in BASIC before learning spreadsheet rules in the predecessor to VisiCalc.   I eventually moved on to higher-level languages on a PDP 11-34 in high school and obtained a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at University of Massachusetts in the early 90s.   During my life-long interest in coding I have learned dozens of languages and have spawned several businesses based on my coding expertise.

Current Expertise

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • phpUnit
  • APIGen / phpDoc
  • WordPress Codex
  • git / svn

Coding Environment



  • MacBook Pro 2014
  • 3x HP ZR2440w Monitors
  • Evo Sit/Stand Desk
  • Paired Sonos Play 5
  • Logitech Keyboard and Performance MX Wireless Mouse

Recent Coding Adventures