Which country has the best #programmers? #coding #appdev

Most colleges and universities in America have woefully outdated compsci curriculum. They tend to base what they are teaching on the wishes of their top “contributors” which need tech talent for outdated technology.

Case in point: when I moved my first tech company to Charleston, I could not find local coders that were capable of building web apps. The local college, which boasts about its computer science department, was teaching COBOL and Fortran on AS/400 systems. Sadly, it was 2000 not 1985. Strange coincidence that a large donor to the college was related to Piggy Wiggly , a local grocery chain that – you guessed it – ran on AS/400 with COBOL and Fortran apps. Hundreds of college students were pouring out of their senior classes with skills for the past not the present. Companies like mine would spend a year trying to get recent grads up to speed on current technologies.

Why is America 28th in “coding chops”? Because we a driven more by corporate politics and greed than true scientific curiosity. When your peers are learning COBOL you think you are a 1337 hacker because you learned some JavaScript from a script kiddie app you snarfed from the internetz.


Which country has the best programmers?


#Apple #iOS 9.3.5 Is Now Available: Why It Is An Essential #Update

If you are using an iPhone or iPad you really should update to 9.3.5 today.


Amazon wants to sell a cheaper music subscription service that will only work on its Echo player

This kind of thinking in the streaming music industry is what is screwing music creatives (artists, songwriters, and everyone else involved).

Unlimited music at $5/month means that for the typical listener your favorite artists are earning hundreds of dollars for a million plays of a song.

Attracting listeners by screwing artists is NOT a good business model.

Amazon wants to sell a cheaper music subscription service that will only work on its Echo player


Commentary on Beijing’s South China Sea Claims Rejected by Hague Tribunal

International tribunals and organizations have ZERO power these days especially over super power nations like China. China has become far too powerful to confront with military enforcement of the findings.


Most corporations around the world sold their soul to China years ago in the name of profits. Nearly every item you buy, including those American flags we all were waving on July 4th, come from China solely to keep prices down and profits up.

If the world wants China to abide by a ruling against their egregious and aggressive behavior in the South China Sea it needs to start with economic ramifications. Not federal trade restrictions alone, but American corporations pulling manufacturing contracts from China. Preferably back to the USA but anywhere but China. It will be a long road, but if it doesn’t change China will soon be the world’s largest and most powerful Super Nation. The most powerful countries make the rules.

Beijing’s South China Sea Claims Rejected by Hague Tribunal
The New York Times

The panel delivered a sweeping rebuke on Tuesday of China’s behavior, deciding that its expansive claim to sovereignty over the waters had no legal basis. Read the full story

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UK has fastest mobile internet while US lags behind, says report

This is not a surprise to most Americans. US ISPs and mobile providers focus on profits over service. America has some of the worst Internet services in the world. Literally.

If you think America is the world leader in technology and innovation, think again. Many of the largest and most disruptive new companies are from Europe these days.


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