PHP __set() Magic Method Conundrum

I am completely baffled by this one and hope one of my techie friends can help.

I’m using a PHP class with magic methods to set and get the properties of that class.    The idea is to use private properties in the class so that the PHP magic methods can take over and determine whether to update a WordPress user meta entry, blog entry, or standard option based on which proper of the class is being retrieved or stored.

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IEEE Top Programming Languages

Python, C and C++ top the list.

Surprising to see PHP higher on the list than JavaScript.

Typescript Popularity Increases

Typescript is a strongly typed JabaScript preprocessor. For complex applications it helps reduce errors, especially during

Top Programming Languages

A good global list, but you still need to know your goal so you can choose the best tool for the job.

If you are only looking for a job then you must consider where you want to work; both geographically and type of company.

The list changed drastically based on different vectors.

Verizon Alternatives – My First Dip In The MVNO Pool

After a decade of being a Verizon customer I have grown to dislike them.   Their coverage is the best of all 4 carriers in America.  It is the ONLY provider that actually has usable service at my home.   Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T either have no coverage of so many dropped calls as to be unusable.    That made searching for Verizon Alternatives via an MVNO, third-party companies that buy “air time” from the 4 major carriers in bulk, easier.

Total Wireless

After some research I found Total Wireless to be a decent option.  After working with them I found their customer service to be superior to Verizon.  The network coverage and reliability was, from what I could tell, EXACTLY the same as Verizon.  Makes sense as they are doing nothing more than subletting the Verizon network.    Best of all I could have a “family plan” with multiple lines on one shared billing account.

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