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Amazon Music Recapturing Music Fans – Repeat Play

It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend – Same Old Song And Dance by Aerosmith   There has been a lot of media hype about the new Amazon Music service.    I get it.   I’m a HUGE Amazon fan.   I even ditched my premium Slacker account… Read more »

Why #Songwriters Are Getting Left In the Cold by #ASCAP and #BMI…

This article is wrong in so many levels. Where do I start? First it pits the PROs against The Labels. They are not adversaries. They are two parties that represent the same side of the coin – the rights and royalties due Creatives (Creatives is my way of describing ALL… Read more »

Is ASCAP Lacking Web Technology Expertise?

Music streaming and licensing.  In case you’ve missed it , licensing music is a HUGE deal these days.  It is a billion-dollar industry and is growing every day.   It will be one of the largest entertainment industry segments in the next few years outside of video games and movies.    Yet… Read more »

Unpaid Music Artists – Maybe It’s Time To Blame The Streaming Companies

Songwriters, publishers, performers, and a myriad of others that create the music that defines moments in our lives, serves as the background for dinner dates, house parties, and corporate conventions are earning less money than ever before.   While there are many factors to consider one of the most notable issues… Read more »

Excerpts About US Copyright Law & The Compensation For Creatives Mess

Prince – Negotiating Rates For His Music For some time Prince’s legally team has worked to pull his music off YouTube and the song “Breakfast Can Wait” remains the only track on his channel. Sources say Prince is using Web Sheriff to send notices to digital services. According to sources,… Read more »