Microsoft Teams is a mixed blessing. Like most Microsoft products it starts off with a great idea, does some of it exceptionally well and the rest of it is half-baked.  Microsoft Teams Wiki Export is a perfect example.    There is no readily-apparent and easy way to get your data OUT of a Wiki page you’ve created in Teams.    It is stuck there forever with no way to Print, Archive, or Export the content.

This is a typical Microsoft maneuver designed to generate disdain for non-Microsoft-centric tools and boost vendor lock-in.  But there is a usable, if completely convoluted, workaround.  It turns out that most of these Teams-based Wiki pages that you added to your Teams tabs because it seemed like the “simple and easy” solution can be retrieved.   They happen to end up in Sharepoint.    Just make sure you remember the very first original name you gave the tab because any renaming of tabs is done with magical pixie dust sprinkled on a circle of leprechauns all playing the telephone game.   If you have more than a few Wiki pages good luck guessing which one is the one you want if the name does not match.

Here is how I found the “magical mystery file” using the browser-based version of Microsoft Teams:

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